f Advanced Hires, MKE's Tech Future with Northwestern Mutual - AdvancedHIRES

Advanced Hires was excited to attend MKE’s Tech Future with Northwestern Mutual as a part of YP Week, a Newaukee initiative, located at Cream City Labs. It was fascinating and informative to hear about how people and organizations in the tech industry are working to put Milwaukee at the forefront of the tech boom.

The event had several speakers and a panel of four members involved in the industry. It was interesting to hear about how Milwaukee has transformed from “The Machine Shop of the World”, and is now focusing on tech and its new trends. Panelists championed building up tech talent, especially among the younger generations, increasing diversity in the industry, strengthening the tech ecosystems, and working with larger corporations to get and give capital.

Advanced Hires remains extremely involved in the tech industry, and is always looking for ways to get involved further and strengthen the community. Advanced Hires is highly engaged throughout Milwaukee and focuses on a long-term strategic effort that involves partnering with and developing future tech leaders in an industry that will desperately need them in the coming years. Advanced Hires is active throughout Wisconsin as part of our larger vision of being very involved in the community, identifying community trends, and exploring every opportunity to identify talent.

If you are interested in getting involved or seeing what Advanced Hires can do for you, please contact info@advancedhires.com, or call us at 414.909.9000.

A special thanks to Newaukee, for setting up YP Week, Northwestern Mutual, and Cream City Labs. A huge thanks to moderator Archna Sahay, Strategic Advisor and Speaker for Urban Innovation and Ecosystem Development, and to the engaging panelists: Megan Sheffer-Czuta, Assistant Director for Northwestern Mutual Data Science Institute; Maggie Fernandes, Software Developer for MacGregor Partners and board member of We Pivot; Adam Gabornitz, Senior Project Manager/Tech Advancement and Outreach for Northwestern Mutual; and Abby Taubner, partner at gener8tor.