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Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Finding a needle in a haystack is doable. But finding a very rare and specific needle among hundreds of other needles in a LARGE field of haystacks – now that requires some extensive and extreme methods. It’s this type of thinking that is necessary when it comes to identifying your organizations next CIO, CTO, or VP of IT.

The best of what we already do is simply not enough at the CIO, CTO, and VP of Technology level. The challenge in identifying and successfully placing your next highest-level IT professional must include:

  • The very best and most extensive recruiting and searching tools
  • The very best client, cultural, and goal assessments available
  • The very best interviewing strategies
  • The very best written job descriptions
  • The very best and most comprehensive assessment tools
  • The very best coaching and guidance from local experts
  • The most comprehensive background checks

While helpful, these assets are NOT ENOUGH. However, when strategically maximized in collaboration with a team of local Milwaukee-based psychologists, the VERY BEST of every component is MAXIMIZED. Deploying the “very best” of all above bullet-points becomes far more powerful when strategically deployed in collaboration and with the guidance of a diverse team of psychologists.

Advanced Hires Can See Both Sides

Always maintaining the utmost confidentiality, Advanced Hires is extensively connected in the IT industry around the greater Milwaukee area on many levels. We are aware (and regularly become aware) of CIOs, CTOs, and VPs of IT who are open to making a career move. At the same time, we are also aware of the many vacant, soon to be vacant, or possibly vacant high-level positions.

While maintaining the utmost confidentiality, Advanced Hires wants to strategically break down the wall that exists between clients and candidates and make the necessary shifts so that CIOs, CTOs, and VPs of IT are placed in the best long-term positions in a way that enhances their lives while maximizing organizational value.


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