f Advanced Hires attends the MBE Input Committee General Assembly - AdvancedHIRES

Advanced Hires was excited to attend the MBE Input Committee General Assembly at Ernst & Young.The MBE Input Committee General Assembly is where NCMSDC certified MBE firms assemble to talk about issues and concerns that relate to MBE companies. Tina Rock was present at the CORPORATE and MBE Panel Discussion, where corporate buyers/panelists talked about strategizing for success and shared stories on how to be successful in collaboration with MBE partnerships. The MBEs shared strategies on how to do business with MBEs from an MBE perspective.

We learned in the panel discussion that it takes time to work with large companies; persistence may, or may not, pay off.  Each company has a unique culture and we take the time to learn each company’s history and background before we agree to “take them on” as a client.  We match the great talent with great companies at the time the clients need us most!

Thank you to the corporate panelists from WEC Energy Group, UnitedHealth Group, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), and S. C. Johnson & Son for their interesting and engaging content. A big thanks to Moderator Adonica Randall, Abaxent, LLC for the invitation! Another thank you to Terry Frett, Senior Benefits Advisor for R&R Insurance, and Dr. Sabrina Robins from TAPFIN  (Manpower Group).