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Placing Next Level Talent


Companies are only as strong as the people they hire. What Advanced Hires is doing works. Never feel like a number with Advanced Hires! We are in the thick of it every day and we can help companies source and build a pipeline of top performers. The recruiting tools and processes we have give us the power of a large company while benefiting from the personal touch of a small company. Advanced Hires is passionate and know the market well; we will go above and beyond to help match clients and candidates. We are devoted to excellence and we guarantee our services


Working With Candidates: Sonia

Advanced Hires helps place many candidates through a needs-analysis recruiting process based on specific qualities and resources sought after by the client, creating a harmonious and beneficial match. One candidate said, “Working with Kevin and Tina was great. They were very good communicators. They made the experience much easier for me because they really explained the expectation that the hiring company had. I was able to prepare for my interviews better with all the information they provided to me.”


Gaining Trust in an Industry That’s Low On Trust

Advanced Hires has worked hard to overcome the negative reputation that the recruiting industry as a whole has been associated with for years. Advanced Hires is NOT like other recruiting firms. Advanced Hires takes an active and collaborative interest in a company’s business – we are not simply trying to fill positions or play a numbers game; instead Advanced Hires works to understand the company’s mission, needs, and values in order to find talent that would be the best fit for them. In an industry that is low on trust, our clients place theirs in Advanced Hires.

“It’s just not a one-time sale, but a long-term partnership…In this industry, that’s invaluable.”


Kevin Scholz on Starting Advanced Hires

Advanced Hires Founder and CEO Kevin Scholz has been a businessman since a very young age, trying out different ventures all with the goal of running a business and creating profit. Kevin’s first professional position was in law enforcement before transitioning to a results-oriented corporate life. Kevin Scholz, along with Tina Rock, founded Advanced Hires in 2016 after seeing the need for a recruiting and placement firm for permanent direct hire within many industries, but especially IT. Kevin says, “There’s an incredible sense of satisfaction placing a person into a position. It feels really good to place somebody into a new career.”


Kevin Scholz Helps MATC Students

Advanced Hires Founder and CEO Kevin Scholz is helping future IT talent launch their careers by acting as a mentor and guide to MATC students. Kevin assists by dedicating his time, reviewing resumes, and helping students find jobs. By encouraging and supporting young IT talent, Kevin “gives you room to express yourself” and “…is very, very dedicated”. Kevin Scholz is honored to help cultivate future IT careers.


Kevin Scholz Invests in People

Advanced Hires CEO and Founder Kevin Scholz has worked hard in the recruiting industry and is driven by results and mutually beneficial business relationships. Clients and candidates alike can recognize the dedication, passion, and knowledge Kevin brings to the table.

“He has great business ethics, work ethics, he is a man of integrity.”

“When he says he’s going to help you, he wants to see you succeed.”

“Kevin is a man of his word. Whatever he says, he will deliver.


Advanced Hires: Taking Candidates to the Next Level

Advanced Hires helps people find their way to great opportunities by taking candidates to a higher level. Kevin Scholz helps many candidates with their job search by reviewing resumes and helping candidates maximize themselves. One candidate said, “I will be eternally grateful to Kevin for all the help he’s given me. He can help people to get to that next level. He works wonders whatever he does and he will really elevate your career.”

ProGoodFit: A Recruiting Methodology

Advanced Hires ProgoodFit recruiting tactic goes beyond the role to ensure the right character fit: it’s a proactive and professional recruiting methodology that involves finding likeable individuals who take ownership, accountability, and responsibility! Advanced Hires uses unique questions to identify candidates’ whole story – not just their skills and qualifications, but who they are as a person. ProGoodFit ensures that candidates are highly likely to succeed in the hiring role, are well suited for the company and its needs, and have the mentality of taking complete ownership over their role without making excuses or laying blame. ProGoodFit will not overlook candidates as a result of unimportant lines that were drawn to screen out otherwise highly qualified candidates who make great employees or have highly transferable skills.


Advanced Hires: Recruiting Next Generation Talent

“It is so critical to have business leaders at the table to help design career pathways for people who want to get into Information Technology.”

Advanced Hires strives to find the next generation of IT talent to meet market demands; there is a shortage of professionals that will keep growing in the coming years, but Advanced Hires is excited to meet the challenge of finding quality IT professionals by identifying the youth of today who should consider a career in Information Technology. Advanced Hires has been working with schools around the Milwaukee area, speaking with students and encouraging them to consider a career path in the IT field, thus opening doors and building young talent for the future.


Resumes: How to Demonstrate a Capacity to Succeed

At Advanced Hires, we know the importance of having an excellent resume, meaning you must demonstrate your capacity to succeed (DACS, Demonstrate a Capacity to Succeed). There are several myths and misconceptions about resumes in the industry, and Advanced Hires is uniquely qualified to help dispel these, while at the same time strengthening a candidate’s resume so they can fully utilize the DACS concept:

– Resumes do not have to be limited to one page; more information is better

– Don’t make your resume a job description; list your accomplishments instead

– Use testimonial quotes

– Use action words in bullet points

– Include experience not related to your job

– Your world lives on paper; find a way to come to life

– Put your best things on your resume and have it match your LinkedIn profile

Resumes – How to Demonstrate a Capacity to Succeed


Kevin Scholz and Tina Rock: A Great Team

Kevin Scholz and Tina Rock of Advanced Hires are solid business partners! In 2016 Kevin and Tina struck out on their own, investing in their new company and proving their strengths in business and life. Kevin brings to the table leadership values and big picture ideas, while Tina identifies companies to seek out, working on a more day-to-day scale. They make an outstanding team; combining Tina’s familiarity/relationships within the industry together with Kevin’s business drive and knowledge, they are the best people to have in your corner.


Advanced Hires: Giving Back

Advanced Hires is committed to many causes all over the Milwaukee, WI area and far beyond. Kevin Scholz, Tina Rock, and the entire Advanced Hires staff work together by regularly donating time and resources to many important causes aimed at best aligning resources where contributions are maximized for the benefit of the community. Advanced Hires supports: IT United, United Way, NCWIT (National Center for Woman in Information Technology), Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (Employ Milwaukee), MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering), Centro Hispano, US Military, UWM (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee), St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Autism Society of Wisconsin, Law Enforcement and Military resume improvements and many other organizations.


Fans of Advanced Hires

Advanced Hires is committed to finding the best talent and placement within today’s IT market and other markets. We are uniquely positioned with the right ethical leadership, expertise, resources, experience, and passion to find and place candidates for our clients. Those who have worked with us have said they recommend working with Advanced Hires for a variety of reasons, such as our “strategic thinking [and] business and work ethics”, our “people of integrity”, our “phenomenal job with sourcing candidates”, and the fact that we “know the market very well”.


Recruiting for Organizational Fit

Advanced Hires’ continued needs-analysis recruiting process involves immediately identifying new candidates and circling back with our clients to ensure the very best sourcing results and the very best match.

“They do a really good job to understand some of those work culture organizational things that may not necessarily be on a job description. They fully send you the whole package – who not only has that technical skill set, but also who will be the right fit for the organization.”


Tina Rock of Advanced Hires – Story

Tina Rock, Director of New Client Acquisition and Recruiting at Advanced Hires, has over 18 years’ experience in the recruitment/placement space throughout the Midwest. Tina has consistently and successfully recruited, sold, placed, managed, and oversaw thousands of placements for many different-sized companies, and has established a professional recruiting style that includes skills learned throughout the years. Tina has an impressive network of contacts for both candidates and clients. Tina loves helping people and finding the perfect match for someone. Focusing on people is the right approach. Tina will make sure that the very best talent is hired!



Tina Rock of Advanced Hires – Testimonials

Tina Rock, Director of New Client Acquisition and Recruiting at Advanced Hires, has an undeniably impressive reputation in the recruiting industry – she has a substantial and reliable network of connections, and has a finger on the pulse of available opportunities in the area.

“At the end of the day, we’re in the people business, and somebody like Tina who focuses on people…I think that’s the right approach.”

“I have worked with her exclusively because she’s just done a phenomenal job sourcing candidates that we have successfully hired and retained. She is awesome!”

“Her reputation is such that you will always know what’s going on.”


Vicki Johnson, a Great Recruiter

A good career planner is someone who listens to the person they are working with and help people make goals happen. Advanced Hire’s Senior IT Recruiter Vicki Johnson is a very valuable member of the team! Clients appreciate that Vicki tells it like it is and finds great people who are successfully hired and retained. On the other side, candidates say that Vicki is invested in their success, goes the extra mile, and offers huge assistance on interviews and resumes. Vicki says that Advanced Hires “can really give that personal touch to clients and candidates. We spend time. We build relationships”.