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What is ProGoodFit?

Working with several recruiters and placement agencies can be daunting. Like most, you’re probably weighed down with resumes and introductions from every recruiter who is eager to earn a placement fee. It should be simple for placement agencies, right? Just take a list of qualifications and find and refer talent that meets the qualifications and when a company hires someone, collect a placement fee. Easy money, right? You are likely familiar with being referred average to slightly above average talent and you end up settling on the best fit. This standard approach does not satisfy our model – Placing Next Level Talent for Today’s Marketplace. Nor does this standard approach help build long-term satisfied clients.

Therefore, Advanced Hires has developed something better, ProGoodFit, a professional and proactive recruiting methodology that results in only referring those who:

  1. Are highly likely to succeed in the hiring role.
  2. Are a positive and likeable individual whose character is well suited for the company and its needs.
  3. Are only of the mentality/mindset necessary to remain accountable and take complete ownership, accountability, and responsibilities in their tasks, projects, and all that they do—while never making excuses or blaming others—ever.

ProGoodFit will not overlook candidates as a result of unimportant lines that were drawn to screen out otherwise highly qualified candidates who make great employees or have highly transferable skills.

Tina has been a spot-on recruiter and colleague of mine for years. I have always greatly appreciated the work she’s done for me and the way she’s represented me.

Jason Williamson

Why is ProGoodFit Superior?

Compare the Advanced Hires process to a typical placement company

Advanced Hires Process

Advanced Hires Needs Analysis for the Hiring Position


(contact us for details)


Standard methods and methods/tools to find and refer candidates


15 qualified candidates to screen and interview (three times the effort – we work harder)


5 Highly qualified candidates referred to company


A highly qualified good fit is chosen and hired


The employee gets better results, less managing, employee takes complete ownership of projects/tasks, positive, likable, go-to person, knowledgeable, honest, avoids negative gossip, resourceful, finds solutions to problems.


Client is likely to return to Advanced Hires for repeat business

“Typical” Placement Company Process

Standard Needs Analysis for the Hiring Position


Standard methods and methods/tools to find and refer candidates


5 qualified candidates to screen and interview


3 average to above-average candidates referred to company


The best choice is chosen and hired


Candidate might be what’s expected


Client might earn repeat business

ProGoodFit Qualities


Candidates who take complete ownership as opposed to blame. These candidates enable management to focus on important projects as opposed to micro-managing. Accountable employees develop a higher level of trust and comfort with management.


Ambitious candidates find ways to learn how to get it done. They make fewer unreasonable requests for resources and help. They cultivate a necessary “can do” attitude. As your company grows, agility and willingness to accept new challenges is key. Finding new ways is important in a business that introduces new products and solutions or where employees’ roles change.


Candidates who develop new methods to use existing resources in a way to “make-it-happen” without excuses, denial, or blame. This results in efficient operations that reduces the time it takes to complete responsibilities or projects and enables management to focus on other projects.


Potential employees who are ethical, honest, dignified, and respectful will reduce the chances of harming the company’s reputation or causing time-consuming internal issues.


Candidates who demonstrate a commitment to learning that strives toward achieving a level of knowledge to be a go-to-person (someone who is internally sought after as a resource). This commitment will result in improvements in innovation, cross-departmental collaboration, and the knowledge necessary to help teams succeed.


Employees who tend to remain loyal to management improves retention rates, helps in the continued cultivation of a shared vision and brand and builds trust. It also helps facilitate a focused vision that is aligned with the purpose and mission of the company.


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