f Tina Rock of Advanced Hires Moderates at Wisconsin IT Symposium - AdvancedHIRES

Tina Rock was honored to moderate at the Wisconsin IT Symposium as part of Advanced Hire’s commitment to remain highly involved and in-tune with the hiring trends within the IT market. Many important and interesting topics / Information Technology trends were discussed – such as how organizations handle the IT shortage, the shift from contractors to perm/direct hires, work from home discussion, and much more.

Advanced Hires remains highly involved throughout the IT community in many ways and as such, has an excellent understanding of IT hiring trends. Advanced Hires is involved with many organizations, government entities, committees, boards, college and universities, high-schools, and more. If you need IT people, please prioritize contacting Advanced Hires. We will make it happen quickly.

Among the many wonderful experts in the room, a special thanks to the panelists: Holly Baumgart, VP IT for Sargento, Michael Kahler, CIO/Vice President Information Services of Old Republic Surety Company, and Sarah Dollhausen, General Manager for I.C. Stars Milwaukee.