f Tina Rock of Advanced Hires Honored by United Way - AdvancedHIRES

Advanced Hires’ Tina Rock was honored by United Way for her volunteerism in their community. Tina serves on the Technology United Council and United Way’s IT Committee. United Way thanked her for being involved in everything from securing sponsorship to leading volunteers at the Technology Career Fair! Tina is highly connected throughout the IT community at the CIO, CTO, VP of IT, and Director of IT level.

Advanced Hires is highly engaged throughout Milwaukee and remains committed to organizations that serve and support the community. Advanced Hires donates, volunteers, and partners with various causes throughout Wisconsin as part of our long-term strategic effort that involves partnering with and developing future leaders throughout the business community. Advanced Hires is active throughout Wisconsin as part of our larger vision of being very involved in the community, identifying community trends, and exploring every opportunity to identify talent.