f Tina Rock Attends Pathways Wisconsin's MKE Regional IT Pathway - AdvancedHIRES

Tina Rock was pleased and honored to attend Milwaukee’s Regional IT Pathway meeting organized by Pathways Wisconsin. The goal of the meeting was to further define and finalize the pathway outline that will be utilized by all regions who will offer a Technology Pathway. The first meeting provided a foundation overview and opportunity to give high-level input, and this was a helpful follow-up meeting to that.

The Wisconsin Regional Careers Pathways Project goals are to increase the number of students that complete career pathways tied to high-skill, high-demand jobs and to transform the way they design and deliver the pathway programs for their students to ensure they are ready for life after high school.

Advanced Hires is committed to giving back to the community, and believes in the importance of helping the youth of today realize their IT aspirations because we understand that they could very well become the IT leaders of tomorrow. Advanced Hires continues to donate time, resources, and expertise to organizations that champion this same mindset.

A big thanks to Kerrie Hoffman, Lois Gresholdt, and Irissol Arce for attending, and to Mimi Laflin, and Karin Smith for organizing a great meeting.