f Advanced Hires Sponsors and Attends The Autism Society's Fun Walk - AdvancedHIRES

Kevin Scholz, Tina Rock, and Saratoga Schaefer were honored and pleased to attend the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin’s A Team Fun Walk in Greenfield Park this weekend! Advanced Hires was a Bronze level sponsor and was thrilled to be a backer for the Yummy Zone during the event, which provided breakfast and snacks for families and walkers. It was amazing to see all the people who turned out to support this important cause. There were many children with autism in attendance and it was wonderful to see them enjoying themselves and interacting with all the different zoned areas.

The Fun Walk served as a major fundraiser for the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. The funds raised go to support the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin, which is the largest affiliate in Wisconsin, serving 38% of the state’s population. The incidence of autism is now 1 in 59 per the Centers for Disease Control, 2018.  As a result, the number of families needing support is growing. Fundraising is an important way we can provide this support to all that are affected by autism. The funds raised during this event will help our neighbors, our schools, our public safety officers and and our entire community.

Kevin Scholz, CEO and Founder of Advanced Hires, was appointed by the State of Wisconsin Governor to serve on the State of Wisconsin’s Autism committee. Additionally, Kevin Scholz is on the Board of Directors at the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin. Kevin Scholz, Tina Rock, and Advanced Hires have been very generous to many causes, and were extremely happy to lend their support to something as important as autism awareness.

Advanced Hires will continue to support and assist different organizations and extend community outreach. We know the importance of coming together as a group and helping others. There are many causes that are near and dear to us and autism is one of them. It is so beneficial to get involved in events and organizations such as the Autism Society of Wisconsin, and we are always actively looking for other causes to lend our support to.

We would like to thank the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin for organizing this great event. We would also like to thank Jared Scholz and family, Sarah Scholz and family, Mark and Mary Scholz, Maribeth and Pat Lombardi, Frank and Diane Krisman, and Mario Cortez, among many others.

If you weren’t able to attend the event, you can still donate and help raise money for this cause by using this link: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/team/844280/