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Who We Are

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Who We Are

Advanced Hires is a growing Milwaukee, Wisconsin based, client-driven talent acquisition and placement firm headquartered in the Third Ward. Our clients range from small companies to Fortune 500 and they keep coming back and referring us. We are uniquely positioned with the best in-class recruiting tools, resources, experience, and passion to find and place next-level talent for today’s marketplace in any professional role, specially IT. Our objective is to earn client trust, repeat business, and referrals by providing highly qualified candidates. At Advanced Hires, our efforts are intense and our recruiting tools are extensive. We provide better results than five Recruiting companies combined. Call us and we can explain how.

Advanced Hires provides DIRECT placements, contracts-to-hire, and project placement services for ANY IT role from Help Desk to the CIO and everything in-between. Advanced Hires also provides DIRECT placement services for many non-IT positions. The Team at Advanced Hires have placed and have overseen thousands of highly successful placements, earning trust and testimonials from clients of all sizes throughout the Midwest from small companies to Fortune 500 Companies. Although we are a full-service staffing company and can recruit on any position, our focus is for permanent IT roles. However, because the IT industry is so competitive and success requires having the best expertise and tools available, we are often asked to recruit on non-IT roles for our clients with great success.

At Advanced Hires, we value trust and repeat business more than earning a quick placement fee. Quality over quantity is our business motto. As a result, we developed ProGoodFit, a proactive screening process that narrows the field to only those who demonstrate a strong commitment to all tasks, projects, and responsibilities and are unlikely to make excuses or blame others. We only refer and place those candidates who are highly likely to succeed in the role AND who are of the mentality/mindset necessary to remain accountable for their actions and take complete ownership in their responsibilities, tasks, and projects.

Although our primary focus is IT, Advanced Hires is a full-service Staffing firm structured to work across all industries for any role. We do recruit in many other areas including Accounting & Financing, Sales, Executive Leadership, Project Management, Marketing, Training, Non-Profit, and many other roles.

Why Advanced Hires?

Why choose Advanced Hires over other reputable talent acquisition, recruiting and placement firms? What makes Advanced Hires different and more capable of delivering more value than other recruiting firms? These are great questions prospective clients, like you, ask us. Although we are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we do offer a clear advantage. Therefore, when it comes to having the best tools, platforms, connections, staff, and more, we have a lot in common with other reputable recruiting/placement firms. We have the best of what they offer, but a LOT more. There is a clear Advanced Hires Advantage. The biggest advantage is RECRUITING BANDWIDTH. Unlike most recruiting firms that have a couple powerful recruiting tools, we have multiple recruiting tools at premium levels. We invest heavily in many very powerful recruiting tools at premium levels. Our highly talented staff utilizes these powerful recruiting tools to identify the very best candidates. We take on fewer clients, but with very intense efforts for the ones we take on. You will get better results with Advanced Hires than multiple Placement Firms added together.

Candidate Submission Ethics: Advanced Hires only submits candidates to our clients who we have ascertained proper qualification, interviewed the candidate, determined a potential fit, disclosed who the client is to the candidate (except for confidential positions), obtained the candidates permission to submit their qualifications to the client, and provide detailed notes about the candidate, along with their resume.

Why work with multiple Recruiting Firms when Advanced Hires can provide better results than several combined?

Industry Standard Practices

Advanced Hires Advantage

Numbers driven PURELY client satisfaction driven
Access to various recruiting tools – LinkedIn recruiter, Career Builder, DICE, LinkedIn job slots, Monster, Indeed, Ladders, and many more Premium access to multiple recruiting tools, more than just a couple
Accepts most business and will try out a partnership in an effort to generate some revenue Only accepts business where we stand a 75% chance or higher in client satisfaction
Sometimes an acceptable number of highly qualified candidates will be submitted to client Candidates referred and placed are HIGHLY qualified for the job
Candidates referred and placed are generally qualified for the job Many highly qualified candidates submitted to client
A client needs-analysis process that involves getting a job description and some other information is implemented An in-depth needs analysis process that reaches far beyond the obvious and dives deeper into the role, culture, and team to ensure the best candidates are identified
Able to refer and place qualified candidates and may earn repeat business and referrals Will only refer and place highly qualified candidates, and earns repeat business and/or referrals nearly every single time
Lengthy and complex agreements that oftentimes require attorneys and are written one-sided A simple two-page extremely fair agreement that does not require lawyers to understand
Qualified recruiters recruit on positions Only highly talented and experienced recruiters work on positions
Oftentimes the recruiting/client need to move things along is too slow Assertive in ensuring both our recruiters and our clients are living up to commitments and moving the process along
Utilizes network and connections effectively Extremely connected at many levels throughout the community, with a very strong network
A recruiting process in place that ensures most of the basics are covered A highly proactive professional recruiting process (ProGoodFit), as well as others, in place to ensure only HIGHLY qualified candidates are referred
A recruiting process that refers and places people who can perform the essential functions of the role A recruiting process that ONLY refers positive and likable candidates who can exceed the essential functions of the role
A recruiting process predominately based on a predefined checklist to ensure candidates have the basic experience and skill set necessary to perform efficiently in the role An adaptable recruiting process that ensures ONLY candidates who are highly qualified with the mindset necessary to take complete ownership, accountability, and responsibilities in their tasks, projects, and all that they do (while never making excuses or blaming others) are submitted
A process in place that is aligned with the recruiting firm’s way of doing business An adaptable recruiting process and strategy tailored specifically to each client as it pertains to the role
Recruiting begins after the necessary approvals and processes are followed Recruiting begins on day one as the approvals and processes happen immediately
Placement fees vary extensively and are predominately based on negotiation leverage Simple straightforward placement fees that reflects the level of client commitment
A database to recruit from that consists of people in need of a job Premium access into multiple databases where active and passive candidates exist
Generally accessible and available while responding in an acceptable time frame during business hours Extremely accessible and available and will respond very quickly around the clock
Access to the best communication tools, conferencing, and meeting spaces to collaborate based upon client need Access to all the same and more
Normal office hours, typically 8:00AM to 5:00PM, oftentimes with phone prompts when calling Available 24/7 to accommodate schedules, urgent requests, and emergencies; phone answered by a real human being


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