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Vicki Johnson

Vicki is the Director of IT Recruiting at Advanced Hires. Vicki is considered one of the best IT Recruiters in the State of Wisconsin and is currently operating at peak levels. She considers herself a career planner for Information Technology professionals. Vicki is extensively connected in this industry and delivers results time and time again. She is a Wisconsin native with deep roots throughout the state.  For the past 10 years, Vicki has remained passionately engaged in working with candidates and prospective clients in developing career and hiring plans. Vicki has placed hundreds of IT professionals all over the Milwaukee area at all levels of IT. Vicki is truly the IT candidate/client match-making expert. Vicki believes that people are what makes the difference anywhere you go. Vicki is not looking to meet just anyone and place them anywhere. She is looking for difference makers: the people who are excited about what they do and want to find a place that is excited about their talents and work ethic.  Recruiting is an art and one that Vicki has mastered. Vicki is proud of the thousands of relationships she has built and nurtured in the IT Industry. Vicki enjoys networking and has more energy and drive than any IT Recruiter that we have ever heard of. ​


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