f Advanced Hires Helping MSOE Students Demonstrate a Capacity to Succeed! - AdvancedHIRES

Tina Rock, Mario Cortez, and Vicki Johnson of Advanced Hires spent part of this week helping Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) students with resumes and interview prep. This is part of Advanced Hires’ continued long-term strategy that involves grooming the IT leaders of tomorrow, and as a means of giving back. At Advanced Hires, we are long-term thinkers. It’s always about what’s best for the company long-term. This mentality holds true when it comes to how we present talent for our clients. It’s not about a quick placement (although we do make placements happen quickly), but rather about a Rock-Solid placement and experience that will earn Advanced Hires future business.

Resumes are a lot more than a list of responsibilities, education, certifications, and employment histories. It’s ALL about DEMONSTRATING A CAPACITY TO SUCCEED!
For the most part, students lack the experience that many employers are looking for, however, the good news is that there are strategic ways to “Demonstrate a Capacity to Succeed” with the right detailed documentation of project-based work, describe work experience and responsibilities using accomplishments, starting bullet-points with action words, proactively obtaining and incorporating testimonials, incorporating transferable skills unrelated to the specific role, focusing on character, and much more. Let the hiring manager really see how awesome you are!